How to configure Filr where Filr and Content Editor are behind NAM

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  • 09-Apr-2020
  • 09-Apr-2020


Micro Focus Filr 4
NetIQ Access Manager 4.5


The system administrator wants to configure Filr where both the Filr appliance and the Content Editor appliance are behind NetIQ Access Manager (NAM).



1. On the NAM Server, add “NAGGlobalOptions noURLNormalize=on” 
under “Access gateways > AG-Cluster > Advanced Options”.
2. Ensure DNS entries resolve Filr, NAM and Content Editor.

Overview of the process:

1. User contacts Filr via NAM i.e. “”.
2. User performs an “online Edit” on a file and a new online-Edit session will be created.
3. The new online-Edit Session will communicate to the Content-Editor appliance via NAM i.e. “”.
4. Filr and CE internally communicates via rest calls

NAM Configuration: (Content Editor Specific Configuration)

1. Navigate to the Access Gateway Cluster and, under proxy service List, create New Proxy Service.

2. Click on the Proxy Service name created in Step 1


3. Click on Web Servers shown in Diagram 2-b and enable "Connect using SSL" and select “Do not Verify” under "Web Server Trusted Root" and make sure the “connect Port” is 443. Note: Also, the Web Server should be modified to include the Content Editor's IP address. 

4. Under HTML Rewriting, add a new HTML Rewriter Profile List called “lool” of type "Character".
5. Click on “Protected Resources” and create a New Protected resource List. Give it any name, e.g. “onlineEdit” and click on OK.

a. Provide Description e.g. "Online Edit"
b. Authentication Procedure – 
i. Select Contracts (Will be selected as Default)
ii. Select None from the drop down (As Content Editor will not authenticate any users)
c. Under URL Path List, click on New and Add URL Path as /*, /loleaflet/*, and /lool/*  (3 entries)

6. Under logging, check/tick the box for "Enable Logging". 

7. Update All under Access Gateways.

On Content Editor:
1. On the port 9443 administration page, provide the NAM hostname for Filr e.g. “”.
2. Ensure you have proper DNS entry on the server which resolves the “”.
3. Click on submit, and verify that it has a green check/tick mark 

Filr Configuration:

1. In the administration console of the Filr appliance, navigate to “Content Editor” and provide the server URL as the “Reverse proxy Name configured on NAM”  e.g. "".


2. When you perform the online Edit operation on any file, you will see that the URL is going via NAM for Content Editor.