SSPR 5078 SMS Send Error with Swift SMS Gateway

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  • 06-Apr-2020
  • 07-Apr-2020


Self Service Password Reset 
SSPR 4.x
Swift SMS Gateway


Attempting to configure 'SMS Notification Settings' in SSPR Configuration Editor, Settings ⇨ SMS ⇨ SMS Gateway 
Using 'Swift SMS Gateway' ( as the SMS Gateway 
Fails with error 5078 ERROR_SMS_SEND_ERROR 


'Swift SMS Gateway' support suggests using the following parameters:

SMS Gateway:

SMS Gateway Certificates:
Click 'Import from Server'
SMS Gateway User:
<No value added> (This was one of the main things throwing us off; seems odd but this has been confirmed to work in at least one customer environment)
SMS Gateway Password:
Enter the "Account Key" from Swift
HTTPS Method:
Use "GET"

SMS Gateway Authentication Method:
Request - Authentication will be part of the request
SMS Request Data:
SMS Phone Number Format:
Plain - Country code...

Most of the other SMS Gateway 'default' settings should be appropriate/adequate.