During an upgrade of GroupWise Messenger, the error AF19 is presented

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  • 06-Apr-2020
  • 06-Apr-2020


GroupWise Messenger 18


During the upgrade there is a duplicate entry in the database, preventing one of the new indices from being created (AF19). To proceed we need to identify what the duplicates are:

After installing the new, 18.2 RPMs, run the following commands from the /opt/novell/messenger/bin directory:

"./ldaplist -a -u root -p <DBPASSWORD> -s MessengerService -l -c" - check for bogus guids and write to a file
"./ldaplist -a -u root -p <DBPASSWORD> -s MessengerService -l -b <filename>" - fix bogus guids using file from -c run
"./ldaplist -a -u root -p <DBPASSWORD> -s MessengerService -l -y" - check for duplicate guids


It is recommend to run the commands in this order. The tool will look for bogus guids generated by an earlier (now fixed) migration bug, fix those guids, then look for duplicates. If there are any duplicates from the 3rd command, those users should be deleted from the system using the existing version of GW Admin, with MARS running.

Then retry running /opt/novell/messenger/configure.sh to update the databases