Upgrading GroupWise databases to a new major version

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  • 02-Apr-2020
  • 02-Apr-2020




Need instructions on how to perform the GroupWise database upgrade process when upgrading to a new major version


Launch the install script
Select installation
Select the server component
Select the Configuration option
On the screen that appears there will be two URLs listed
The first URL will be a long one containing what looks like a hash
You need to enter that long URL into a browser - note that it is case sensitive
Follow the onscreen prompts in the browser to authorize the installation (exit the installation script on the server console and then do the authorization command)
The browser window should automatically continue to the installation and configuration console
You will choose the upgrade option and follow the onscreen prompts to select the GroupWise agents on the server requiring upgrading.
On the final screen you click on "Finish" to complete the upgrade process


Each upgrade to a new major version of GroupWise requires a database upgrade