My POA crashes often despite new 18.2.x code.

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  • 31-Mar-2020
  • 31-Mar-2020


GroupWise 18.2.x
GroupWise 18.1.x


You notice that daily one or more POAs are listed as dead and your users cannot login.


There are certainly more causes why POA can crash. However, here we list two configuration changes that you shall implement before you open an incident with us.

1. If you run recent 18.1.x or 18.2.x code, then start using new startup switch "--spawnsoap" in each single startup configuration file of your POAs. Simply add this new switch somewhere at the end of this file.
Once you restart the POA with such new startup option, you will notice in HTTP interface of this POA that we use a separate process for the SOAP protocol apart from the main POA process ID:

With this new switch when there is a problem with the SOAP protocol, this will auto-restart without negatively affecting the main POA thread. Your regular GW client users connected to the POA via C/S port will not notice anything.

2. Use separate host running only DVA.
This is not always feasible to arrange but as far as there are available resource, consider it.
Once you have new server up and running, install GroupWise Server part on it. Run only installation.
After that run following command:

gwsc -i -dva

This will create new gwha.conf file, grpwise and also a startup configuration file for the DVA in /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share.
Copy into this directory system certificate files (ca.crt and ca.key from /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates/<GUID> directory). The DVA shall use SSL, therefore edit the startup DVA file (gwdva.conf in this case) and enable:

--sslCert /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share/ca.crt
--sslKey /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share/ca.key
--sslKeyPassword <type any pwd here>

Save changes and restart the DVA on that dedicated host (rcgrpwise restart).
Next step is to create a definition of this new DVA in a gwadmin console in System -> Document Viewer Agent:

Next is to assign this new DVA to your POAs:

And restart afterwards the POA. If you setup all correctly, then you shall see from HTTP console of this POA that DVA is active and uses SSL:

Use this central DVA host for your POAs and also for a WebAccess.