Unclear "Admin must have system level visibility" error message displayed in the GroupWise Administration Console

  • 7024505
  • 26-Mar-2020
  • 26-Mar-2020


GroupWise 18


Steps to duplicate:

1.Access the GroupWise Administration Console and open the properties for one of the domains.

2.Go to the General tab and add any user or any group to the Notify User field.

3.Change the visibility for the user or the group to None.

4.Open the properties for the domain and attempt to make a change on (for example) the Address
Book settings tab or the Internet Addressing settings tab. When trying to save the change, the
GroupWise Administration Console will display the error message "Admin must have system level
visibility" which points to a lack of rights for the logged in administrative user, rather
than an issue with the Notify User field.


This has been reported to engineering