Integration of a server upgraded to IDM 4.8 with Identity Governance 3.6 fails

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  • 25-Mar-2020
  • 25-Mar-2020


Identity Manager 4.8
Identity Governance 3.6


For a successful integration of  Identity Manager 4.8 and Identity Governance 3.6 using a single OSP, it is important to use the right version of configupdate. The version should be 4.9 and it can be checked by looking at the version of file:

The configupdate utility should not prompt for the cx client in the IG SSO Clients. If it does, it's an indication that there is a leftover setting from an integration with 3.5 that needs to be removed.


Edit the file and remove, if present, the parameter:

From the JAVA_OPTS definitions of the program.

It's also necessary to remove the file /opt/netiq/idm/apps/tomcat/conf/uaconfig-ig-defs.xml from the tomcat/conf directory. It can be deleted or backed up to a temporary location.

After doing this, in the "Request client" section of the IG SSO Clients tab, there should be no password prompt for the cx client.