Mouse Pointer not aligned during ZCM Remote Session using VNC due to Windows 10 Scaling

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  • 04-Mar-2020
  • 04-Mar-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 4 Remote Management
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Remote Management


While remote controlling a device using ZENworks Remote Control, the mouse pointer displayed in the remote control windows may not correspond with the exact location of the mouse pointer on the remote device.
This is primarily seen when Windows 10 is not using default scaling, but the issue does not always occur even in such cases.


Restarting the "Novell ZENworks Remote Management powered by VNC" ("nzwinvnc"), while the user is logged in, will resolve the issue since this allows the service to read the user's scaling settings.

Additional Information

Note: The following registry key often permanently resolves it on devices that show the issue.  The value below is not specific to any given scaling percentage. 
This sets a "Default" value for the SYSTEM profile to allow the service to start with more appropriate values.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]

Note: There are a myriad of scaling configurations possible in Windows 10, so while the value above has worked well for many it may not be universally beneficial under all conditions.  If it is not helpful, a value that corresponds to what is found in the user's profile in the same location could be tried.