Error 5071 When using SSPR "Forgotten Password" module when integrated with Advanced Authentication

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  • 03-Mar-2020
  • 03-Mar-2020


Self Service Password Reset 4.4
Self Service Password Reset 4.3
Advanced Authentication 6.x


Error 5071, Access denied,  in SSPR Forgotten Password module 
Error occurs when SSPR is configured to use Active Directory as user store 
And  OAuth integration between AAF and SSPR is enabled
Error message:  Remote Error: access_denied {5071 ERROR_OAUTH_ERROR (incoming request from remote oauth server is indicating an error: access_denied)} 


Ensure the "OAuth Inject User Name Value" is configured as  @LDAP:sAMAccount@  name in  SSPR Configuration editor, Modules ⇨ Public ⇨ Forgotten Password ⇨ Profiles ⇨ default ⇨ OAuth 

As shown below: