Errors seen while replica is in a "New" state

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  • 02-Mar-2020
  • 02-Mar-2020


eDirectory 8.8 SP8


Replica in a "New" state

Error: "-761, have seen state"

"VVectorIsLE no need to send updates to server"

"local TV is less than or equal to remote, skipping sync with server"

Errors seen after setting "SET DSTRACE=+s" in ndstrace.


A good way to verify that the server in a new state has received all the objects would be through NDS iMonitor. 

There is a partition flag called the "transition on" flag.  This flag is only added after the new replica receives all of the objects from the Master object.  It is removed after the replica turns from a "new state" to an "on" state.  This is a flag, not a state.  Therefore, DSREPAIR, NDS iMonitor, and any other utility showing states will still show the replica as "new". 

The partition flag can be viewed only on the partition record.  To see if this flag is set, go into NDS iMonitor (http://servername or ip address:8030/nds).  Go to the Agent Configuration | Partitions link (located on the left side of your screen).  Look for the partition in question and look for the "flags" column.  If the "flags" column does not exist, the flags are set to 0.  If this is populated with the "Transition On" label, the flag is set.

The receiving server will not turn on until it has successfully outbounded to all of the servers in the replica ring.  The errors above:

"local TV is less than or equal to remote, skipping sync with server"
"VVectorIsLE no need to send updates to server (xyz)"

will be seen in dstrace with the +s filter.

The -761 error does not necessarily indicate a problem.  It simply means that the master of the replica does not think that everyone in the replica ring has seen the new replica value for the new server.  This requires that ALL servers in the replica ring (including the new server) synchronize with the master replica so that the master knows everyone has seen the changes.  Until this happens, the new replica will not turn on and the -761 error will occur on skulk events.

Many issues can prevent synchronization. 

Go into NDS iMonitor  (http://servername or ip address:8030/nds) from a browser and click on "agent synchronization" on the left side of the screen.  In the "Errors" column in the "Partition Synchronization Status" section, identify any errors and troubleshoot them.  If there are no errors there may be a problem with time synchronization which is not allowing the Transitive Vectors to be updated with the current time.