Error Upgrading to GroupWise Messenger 18.2

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  • 26-Feb-2020
  • 26-Feb-2020


GroupWise Messenger 18.2


Error when upgrading to messenger 18.2 from 18.0.1 starting from a prior 3x system.

Error was 0xAF19

Error was 0xB43C

When updating to 18.2 from 18.0.1 (where they had previously migrated from a 3x system) there was a bug that created bad GUID's that causes the install to fail and see one of the two errors listed above.


Change to the /opt/novell/messenger/bin
running theses LDAP list commands worked.

./ldaplist -a -u root -p password -s MessengerService -l -y (gives Duplicate GUIDS)

./ldaplist -a -u root -p password -s MessengerService -l -c (list error GUIDS and creates File)

./ldaplist -a -u root -p password -s MessengerService -l -b nameoffile ( fixed GUID problems )

./ldaplist -a -u root -p password -s MessengerService -l -y (check for no more Duplicate)

It may also be necessary to run:

./gwmcheck -ipaddr= -user=root -password=<DBPASS> -port=8320 -service=MessengerService -check=users -allowWeak

Note: Use your DB password for <DBPASS>


Bug in the upgrade from 3.x messenger system to 18.0.1 that created bad GUIDS