Partition Size Given is Too Large (not enough space on the drive)

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  • 20-Feb-2020
  • 20-Feb-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Imaging


Receiving the error "Partition size given is too large (not enough space on the drive)" during restoration of an image.


General Suggestions/Recommendations/Things to Try:

1. Do not use preinstalled/OEM provided OS for image creation

2. If image is device/model/hardware specific, ensure same or newest version of BIOS is used on targeted system for image restoration

3. Run chkdsk, defrag and use sysprep prior to taking image

4. Install the desired OS version to begin with for image source system rather than using an older version and upgrading it (example, if Win 10 1909 is the desired version for the image, install the OS with that version rather than an earlier version Win 10 1709 and upgrading it to Win 10 1909)

5. Beware of unwanted/unneeded partitions on the system you are creating the image from.

6. Don't use an image that contains more than the targeted system's disk can hold