Adjust Timezone in Digest Reports

  • 7024443
  • 20-Feb-2020
  • 28-Feb-2020


GWAVA 7 (Secure Messaging Gateway)


The time and date of messages in the quarantine digest reports does not match the current timezone.
Server-time has been checked and adjusted accordingly.


If there are issues with timezones and timestamps in the report templates edit these to adjust/set them to the correct timezone.

1. Download the current template to edit.
2. Open the downloaded template.
3. Select the correct DZ database name to set the templates time to from:
4. At the beginning of the Digest Template, behind the <?php lines add the following function:
date_default_timezone_set('TZ database name');
Where TZ database name is the one for the desired timezone.
For Example for the Timezone Europe/Berlin the function that needs to be added would be:


After those changes, the first lines of the file, should look like:

    // Connect to QMS database
    $datadbconn = pg_connect( $_GET[ 'QmsDbConnectString' ] );

Save the changes and re-upload the file to the Secure Messaging Gateway Server.
The Timezone of the Quarantine Reports should now match the one of the desired Timezone.