Team Manager is unable to delete or modify their own delegations

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  • 16-Feb-2020
  • 20-Feb-2020


Identity Manager Identity Applications 4.7.2 and above.
Managing Delegations


With IDM 4.7.2, Delegation assignments for Teams in Identity Applications are now done from the idmdash interface rather than from the IDMProv interface used in earlier versions of IDM.

A Team configuration allows the Team Manager or Requester to create Delegations so that team members can delegate task to other team members.

Only the Team Manager, Provisioning Manager or Provisioning Administrator can create or modify delegations.

If a Team Manager (Requester) is a member of the team, then they are able to create, modify and delete delegations for their own team membership as well as other team members.

In this case the Team Manager finds that the modify and delete button are unavailable (greyed out) when they try to modify their own delegation.

The problem here is that users cannot manage their own delegations and in this example the Team Manager has selected the “self” tab. The Team Manager needs to remember that for this function, they need to manage a member of their team, not their own identity. This can be achieved by using the “Others” tabs and then selecting their own identity and the edit and delete buttons will be functional.


When a Team Manager is editing or deleting deleagtions, this needs to be done from the "others" tab for all members of the team, including their own delegations.