OnlineEdit restricted for My Files

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  • 07-Feb-2020
  • 07-Feb-2020


Micro Focus Filr 4.x


The following message pops up in the lower right of your monitor when right-clicking a file within the Filr workspace and choosing "Edit Online":
OnlineEdit restricted for My Files \<directory>\<path>\
This feature has been disabled after you logged in.  Contact your administrator for more information.

Going to the Filr Administration Console, choosing "Content Editor" under the System section, and clicking the "Test Connection" button, the following error is returned:
Connection failed - https


Go to the Filr Administration Console (https://<FilrAddress>:8443), choose "Content Editor" under the System section, and enter the Content Editor server using the correct format.  See the CAUSE section of this TID.


The address entered as the "Server URL:" is entered incorrectly.  Either the address is wrong, or in the wrong format.  For example, the following formats are incorrect:
The following format is correct:

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