IG Fulfillment fails to revoke resources in IDM

  • 7024405
  • 04-Feb-2020
  • 04-Feb-2020


Identity Governance (Access Review) 3.5
Identity Manager 4.7


When running a fulfillment process on reviews and trying to revoke permissions in Identity Manager through Identity Manager Automatic-config the process ends in error. In the log you see an error like:

 [Command failure: Type: modify: [com.netiq.daas.common.DaaSException: (REVOKE: cn=test-role,cn=Level10,cn=RoleDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=driverset,ou=dirxml,ou=services,o=system, result: ERROR [DAL communication error.])]]


This problem can occur when the request contains extended characters but one or both of the Tomcat services running IDM and IG is not configured to use UTF-8.

Check the contents of the setenv.bat or setenv.sh file in the tomcat/bin directory and make sure that the CATALINA_OPTS variable contains the following two settings: