With Filr client version 4.1.1 installed, whoami flashes every 30 minutes

  • 7024388
  • 28-Jan-2020
  • 31-Jan-2020


Micro Focus Filr version 4.1.1


With the Filr Client version 4.1.1 installed, whoami flashes on the screen every 30 minutes.


Apply patch 4.1.2.  This will copy the 4.1.2 Filr client for Mac and Windows, which resolves this whoami issue.

Note: The 4.1.2 patch provides updated Filr Clients for Windows and Mac which contains the fix to the whoami issue.  However, the 4.1.1 Mac Filr Client (which has the whoami issue) has a bug where the client won't prompt the end user to update their Filr  client.  If your organization does not have some type of Mac software management to distribute the updated 4.1.2 client, then each Mac end user must go to the Filr web portal, click the upper right menu (with their name), and click the "Download Filr Desktop App" link to download and install the 4.1.2 Mac Client.