Does the GPA Service account need to be a member of the GPA Repository Managment Group

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  • 06-Jan-2020
  • 11-Sep-2020


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.9.x


Does the AD account used to run NetIQ GPA Server Service need to be in the GPA Repository Management Group?

Do I need to add GPA Service to the repository management group?


As of GPA 6.9.x , it is recommended to add the GPA Service account to the AD Group named GPA_REPOSITORY_MANAGEMENT . This group is created during the GPA Server installation. This group is the default group which will have full control access to the GPA Repository. The GPA installer provides the ability to create the group using a different name as well The GPA Service account is the AD account configured as the Logon on as value for the Windows Service named NetIQ GPA Server. This service will exist only on one OS, commonly known as the GPA Server.