iManager returns 503 error to Browser

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  • 17-Dec-2019
  • 17-Dec-2019


Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


After performing some work -- adding replicas to other servers and moving the CA to another host, trying to access iManager on the original server would return a 503 error.  The following was also observed:
  • rcnovell-tomcat6 status would return "dead"
  • restarting tomcat, rcnovell-tomcat6 start, would yield a message:
        lock file found but no process running for pid XXXX, continuing
    where XXXX is a process ID number.


  • stop tomcat (rcnovell-tomcat6 stop)
  • remove the file /var/run/
  • start tomcat (rcnovell-tomcat6 start)


The tomcat PID file was stuck and needed to be manually removed.

Additional Information

The following trouble shooting steps were taken:
- restarted tomcat (rcnovell-tomcat6 restart)