Metering on Reflection Host Management Server has Stopped Working

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  • 06-Dec-2019
  • 09-Dec-2019


Windows Server Operating Systems
Linux based Operating Systems
Host Access Management and Security Server


When loading, metering reports no data being recorded.  Recently the configuration may have been updated to use https rather than http, or vice versa.

The "metering.server.url" was updated in with a different protocol.


The format of the "metering.server.url" is not a standard format.  The protocol does not come first.  It is entered after the port and before the context with piping symbols.

Correct entry:|https|meter

Incorrect entry:


The URL protocol form (https://) should not be in the value.


The URL format for "metering.server.url" is different than standard recognizable URL syntax and needs to be in the correct form.  If it is not correct, the metering server fails to load.