A contact added to a Contact List in a Messenger policy via gwadmin console defaults to userID.

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  • 06-Dec-2019
  • 06-Dec-2019


GroupWise 18
Messenger 18


You have recently added few GroupWise users into Messenger system via gwadmin console. Few of them you want to be added for all users as default contacts. However, when you add those accounts to a list, they default into userID string. The same shows in a user contacts when logs in via Messenger account.
Adding new contacts for a user via Messenger client adds users with First Last name format.


This is a result of current Messenger design. When a user is added via gwadmin console into a Contact List of some policy, it searches for an attribute "Full Name". However, a GroupWise user object does not have any "Full Name" attribute. In GroupWise if Full Name is needed is built from First and Last names on-fly. Since Messenger does not find expected attribute, it defaults into userID.
Note, even if your GroupWise users could be linked to eDir/AD user objects that do have "Full Name" attribute filled in the directory, GroupWise does not use, sync this attribute.

If you create a bulk Messenger account and then edit it, you can then manually fill in Full Name attribute in Account tab. Using this fact, a present workaround would be:

1. From a GroupWise account -> Messenger tab, disassociate Messenger account.

2. Go into Messenger users and edit this bulk account. Fill in Full Name attribute and save changes.

3. Return back to the GroupWise account again and in Messenger tab, re-associate it with modified Messenger account.

Now when you add this account to a Contact list via gwadmin console, it will be listed with Full Name attribute value.
Note, prior you can see this new contact in all Messenger accounts, you must restart MA.


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