Setting GWAdmin password with special characters on command line errors out

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  • 06-Dec-2019
  • 06-Dec-2019


GroupWise 18


Attempt to set the GroupWise super admin user password on the command line and include special characters in the password like this:

gwadminutil setadmin -d /path/to/primary/domain -a gwadmin -p password!!$

The following is returned

gwadminutil setadmin -d /path/to/primary/domain -a gwadmin -p passwordexit

The "exit" is placed wherever the special characters are specified in the password.  After this it is not possible to login to the GroupWise Admin Console with any password.


Enter the following command, note that you are omitting entering the password on the command line:

gwadminutil setadmin -d /path/to/primary/domain -a gwadmin -p

You will then be prompted for the password.  Enter your desired password and it will be accepted.


Reported to Engineering