Some HTML customizations are stripped from email templates

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  • 05-Dec-2019
  • 06-Dec-2019


SSPR 4.4


Some changes entered in the HTML email template editor are not saved
Customizations entered in the HTML editor in SSPR Configuraiton Editor, Settings, Email, Email Templates do not stick
Previously saved changes are not there when the HTML editor is reopened in Email Templates
Problem has been seen with style elements like padding and margin, and with a url pointing to a background image file


Workaround:    Edit the ssprconfiguration.xml directly to add the desired elements.    
  1. Open SSPR Configuration Manager 
  2. Select "Download Configuration"
  3. Edit the downloaded ssprconfiguration.xml file in Wordpad or similar (keep encoding as UTF-8)
  4. Launch the Appliance Administration page (port 9443)
  5. Select "Administrative Commands" 
  6. Select "Unlock configuration"
  7. In SSPR Configuration Manager select "Import Configuration" 
  8. Re-lock the configuration by selecting either "Lock Configuration" in the Appliance Administration console or "Restrict Configuration" in SSPR Configuration Manager
Alternatively, you can also edit ssprconfiguration.xml without exporting or importing it.  Simply locate ssprconfiguration.xml in the file system, edit, and save changes.  The ssprconfiguration.xml can be found at the following locations:
- for Linux installations:  <ApplicationPath>/SSPRConfiguration.xml
- for Windows installations: C:\Program Files\NetIQ Self Service Password Reset\config
- for Appliance installations:  /ssprConfig/SSPRConfiguration.xml 


Reported to Engineering