Configuring inheritant folder display settings on child subfolders.

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  • 22-Nov-2019
  • 22-Nov-2019


GroupWise 18.2


In GroupWise 18.2 there is a new option based upon customer requests to have an option to apply the same folder settings on all child subfolders. There seems to be sometimes a confusion how to achieve this task, therefore often reported this feature is not working.


Here is an example to demonstrate all configuration steps:

1. Let us say in a mailbox, under the Cabinet folder there are two folders, F1 and a child F2 underneath.

2. You want to change some folder settings on F1 and wish to get the same settings applied also on F2 child subfolder.

3. Highlight the folder, here F1, and in upper-right corner click on a gear icon and from drop-down menu select  F1 Display Settings. Naturally in your case this option would be listed as "<selected foldername> Display Settings".

4. For example you enable Message Preview and Summary options. And you can click on Apply This to other folders button:

5. Now you want to select on which foldes the same settings shall be applied. However despite you selected in this example  F2 folder, the button Apply is not active, thus you cannot proceed.
A reason behind is that you must also choose what options you want to apply on selected folders:

6. Only if you select any of new settings option, the Apply button will become active:

Then chosen options will be applied on selected folders.


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