TeamWorks Android client cannot connect after updating the app to version 18.2

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  • 21-Nov-2019
  • 21-Nov-2019


GroupWise Teamworks


After installing the 18.2 Android client for TeamWorks, the device can no longer authenticate to the TeamWorks server. 

Error: Invalid username or password


Connect to the TeamWorks server using port 9443.  Use the vaadmin user and credentials. 

Click on the online update icon and enter your email address and your subscription key if not already present.  Follow the prompts to install the patch and restart.

Note, this is only a problem when running the 18.1 code on the back end. If the TW server is updated to 18.2 there will be no problem.


The TeamWorks back end is still running version 18.1 and a patch is needed to allow for the 18.2 device app.