missing dependencies when trying install open-vm-tools

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  • 21-Nov-2019
  • 21-Nov-2019


Sentinel 8.2 


When trying to install open-vm-tools to the Sentinel Server and Collector Manager. There is an error message, stating that there are dependencies:

"Problem: nothing provides libdnet.so.1()(64 bit) needed by libvmtools0-10.3.10-4.6.1.x86_64"


A patch will be provided.

The .tar.gz bundle will contain rpm ‘libmspack0-0.4-14.4.x86_64.rpm’ and the instructions.txt file.   Instructions for applying the patch is as given below:

1) Untar the bundle.

2) Go through and follow the instructions mentioned in the instructions.txt file.

Typical contents of Instructions.txt
1) First install/Upgrade the dependent package‘libmspack0’ by using command

a. rpm –Uvh libmspack0-0.4-14.4.x86_64.rpm

2) Use zypper command to install open-vm-tools rpm.  (this rpm is already available in the channel) by using command

a. zypper in open-vm-tools


An rpm named  ‘libmspack0-0.4-14.4.x86_64.rpm’ which is dependent package for installing ‘open-vm-tools’ rpm is not available on the channel server and is not installed on the appliance.