Release request stuck in Approval state when created with built-in Release Workflow

  • 7024277
  • 20-Nov-2019
  • 20-Nov-2019


Service Desk 7.5 NSD Operations
Service Desk 8.0 NSD Operations
Service Desk 8.1 NSD Operations
Service Desk 8.1.1 NSD Operations


  • Release request created with the built-in Release Workflow
  • Request updated to the Plan Approval state
  • Assigned manager has approved or rejected the request
  • Request stays in Plan Approval state and can no longer by edited by any user


  1. Navigate to the built-in Release Workflow
  2. Click Edit on the Approval state
  3. Save the Approval state without making any changes
NOTE: Requests that are already stuck will stay stuck with no workaround.


Reported to Engineering