OES 2018 NIT related error messages are observed even when no AD integration has been configured

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  • 15-Nov-2019
  • 15-Nov-2019


Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2018 Support Pack 1 (OES 2018 SP1) Linux


Some users have reported getting NIT related errors in OES 2018 and OES 2018 SP1 even when NSS for AD has not been installed or configured.  The error messages appear as follows in the /var/log/messages file:

.. nitd[3312]: [NIT_THRD 0x7fa8f5740700]: ERROR: nitd_get_domain_admins_sid: Error, NIT is configured to run in eDirectory only mode.
.. ndpapp[23200]: [NIT_IPC  0x7f98a3401700]: ERROR: nitlib_get_domain_admins_sid: Error response from nit  for getting the Domains Admins group SID, error: -9008
.. nitd[3312]: [NIT_THRD 0x7fa8f5740700]: ERROR: nitd_get_adlicense_group_handler: Error, NIT is configured to run in eDirectory only mode.
.. ndpapp[23202]: [NIT_IPC  0x7f98a3c02700]: ERROR: nitlib_get_adlicense_group: Error response from nitd for getting the AD license group details, error: -9008

This is similar to the issue seen in this OES2015 TID that had a resolution with the May 2016 Maintenance build, found here.


This has been reported to engineering.  

Other than adding entries to the log files, no other adverse affects are noted because of this error message.