DRA fails to see cloud mailboxes for valid users due to Exchange Online plan variations

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  • 14-Nov-2019
  • 14-Nov-2019


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 9.2.0.x
NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 9.2.1.x
Microsoft Exchange Online
Microsoft Office 365


DRA fails to show a cloud enabled icon for certain managed AD user with a valid Exchange Online license assigned to the  Office 365 account. DRA will correctly show the various Office 365 licenses assigned to the account.


DRA 9.2 Service Pack 1 Patch 6 (DRA and newer provide a fix for this issue. This fix can be found on the Microfocus Support for Directory and Resource Administrator website.


The Office 365 licenses assigned to the cloud use include multiple Exchange Online plans. When the status of the first plan name returned is anything other than enabled, DRA would previous fail to look for any other enabled Exchange Online Plans. When DRA fails to find a valid Exchange Online plan, the Server will fail to manage the Office 365 properties of the object.

Additional Information

For details on how to use Microsoft Powerhell to view Office 365 details, see  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/enterprise/powershell/connect-to-office-365-powershell#connect-with-the-azure-active-directory-powershell-for-graph-module

Once a session to Microsoft Online has been established, the following Powershell CMDs will return a list of Office 365 license plans assigned to a specific Cloud user

(get-azureaduser -objectid <user object id> |select ProvisionedPlans).ProvisionedPlans

The results of this query will return a 3 column table. The DRA problem occurs when the CapabilityStatus column for the first row with a service name of Exchange is set to a value of anything other than Enabled.

Here is an example of the query output:

CapabilityStatus ProvisioningStatus Service
    ---------------- ------------------ -------

    Deleted          Success            exchange
    Enabled          Success            exchange