Unable to send a file over messenger client.

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  • 14-Nov-2019
  • 15-Nov-2019


GroupWise 18.2
GroupWise Messenger 18.2


You have successfully installed new 18.2 version of Messenger and want to use new feature, Send a File. But when you select a file, a status says File upload failed.
All ACL rights on Messenger directories are correct.


Messenger uses for a file transfer by default MARS and its port. The port 8315 was not opened on a firewall and client could not access this port.
This default configuration could be changed in MA startup file.
Locate it in /etc/opt/novell/messenger directory -> strtup.ma.
Edit this file and search for a File Transfer server section. Enable "--maft" switch which would instruct the MA to use MA port for a file send feature.
Restart MA with this new switch. You shall be now able to send files over C/S port 8300 used by Messenger client.

This design is considered to be reviewed in a closer future to make a default MA port 8300 also for a file transfer.
There is also newer startup switch:


if you wish to use a different URL for clients.
Shall you not see those two new startup switches in a startup configuration file of MA, then ask support to provide you with 18.2.0_9150 or later Messenger build.