Error: Unauthorized WOPI host.

  • 7024260
  • 13-Nov-2019
  • 13-Nov-2019


Filr 4.1 Advanced
Content Editor


When attempting to use the "Online Edit" feature, an error is displayed:

Unauthorized WOPI host. Please try again 
later and report to your administrator if the 
issue persists.


This error can result from various configuration problems:

1. When logging in to Filr, use the FQDN of the Filr appliance, rather than the IP address. For example, use
rather than

2. Ensure that the Filr DNS host name is defined in the port 9443 configuration page of the Content Editor appliance. All valid hostname(s) used to access the Filr environment should be added on separate lines. Include the port number if other than (8)443. See the documentation here.