How to get GMail on your GroupWise client (IMAP)

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  • 06-Nov-2019
  • 15-Jul-2020


GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 2
GroupWise 18
GroupWise 18.1
GroupWise 18.2


Trying to get your GMail messages/Inbox on your GroupWise Client.


1. First you will need to grant access to the user(s) for IMAP and POP3 connections. You can grant access at the user, Post Office, or Domain level. In the GroupWise admin console, go to the user, Post Office, or Domain object. Then Client Options > Evironment > General > Check the box "Allow use of POP and IMAP accounts in the Online Mailbox"

Note: This option described in step 1 allows the client to have the Accounts options. Users will have to log out of the client and log back in order to get the Accounts tab on the toolbar in the GroupWise client.

2. Before setting up the IMAP Gmail account in the GroupWise Client, a setting change in your Google/Gmail account is needed. Otherwise you will not be able to connect. Go to you Google account and login. Select Manage my Account. Go to the security tab. Look for the Less Secure app access and turn it on. 

3. In the GroupWise client, go to Accounts > Account Options > click Add.

4. Put in Account Name (this can be whatever you want to call it), Email Address, and password then click Next. Then Finish.

5. As long as the infomation is entered in correctly, Gmail should be IMAPed into your GroupWise client.