After a Messenger 3.0.3 to Messenger 18.1.1 or 18.2 migration you get an error when doing File, Search in the Messenger 18 client

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  • 02-Nov-2019
  • 11-Mar-2020


GroupWise Messenger 18.1.1
GroupWise Messenger 18.2


After a successful Messenger 3.0.3 to Messenger 18.1.1 or 18.2 migration and after you import your archived data from the Messenger 3.0.3 system, when you then do File, Search in the Messenger 18.2 windows client you get the error :
"GroupWise Messenger has experienced a problem. Please note error code 0xd13a.

For solutions, your system administrator can look up the error code in the Troubleshooting section 
of the Administration Guide"


In the GroupWise Web Admin Console, MessengerService, Settings tab, Archive 
Settings, the drop-down list of : "Master Archive Agent" was blank with no value, to fix this
I chose "bperez84Server_ArchiveAgent", (choose yours appropriately) then CLICK on SAVE and restarted the Messenger Archive and Messaging agent with these commands as the "root" user
at the Messenger server terminal :

systemctl restart gwm-nmma.service

systemctl restart gwm-nmaa.service

After I do this I no longer get the 0xd13a error and I can successfully search now
in my imported archive data and I get found data hits.


"Master Archive Agent" field is blank after a successful Messenger 3.0.3 to Messenger 18.2 migration.
Defect entered to have development look at this.

Additional Information

After the migration, when attempting to import the older Messenger 3.x archived conversations with "arcmigrate", you get the error "Archive master attribute not found".  The solution is located above in the "Resolution" section.