How to re-backlink the special external references of the Security container on a server

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  • 30-Oct-2019
  • 30-Oct-2019


eDirectory 8.8 SP8
eDirectory 9


When a server does not hold a copy of the Security container external references are created for the container and many of its objects.  This Security container caching improves performance as it facilitates logins without the need to have a real replica of all its objects.

These external references are different than normal ex-refs.  They are considered special.  Therefore, performing an XK3 and forcing the backlinker will not update them.  If the server, for example, has cached a bad or incorrect NMAS method it can be difficult to correct it.


There are two ways to resolve this:

1. Give the server a replica containing the Security container then remove it.  This will overwrite then re-write the backlinks.

2. Workaround: convert these Security special external references to regular ones and re-backlink. 
a. Backup\note the value of the extrefcache attribute on the server's NCP server object then delete it.
b. Force the backlinker by running ndstrace then typing "set dstrace=*b".
c. Restore\re-create the extrfercache attribute and its value on the NCP server object.