How to specify a wildcard Windows username when installing Extra! to an individual user account

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  • 28-Oct-2019
  • 31-Oct-2019


Extra! X-treme 9.0 and higher


When the Extra! X-treme is installed, the default user folder which will be created when Extra! is loaded and run will by default point to the user name of the individual currently logged in at installation time.  This technical article explains how to use a "wildcard" for the Windows user name when installing Extra! so that at run time the user folders will be created for the currently logged in individual user account instead.


To specify a variable to be used for the Windows user name, do the following:

1. Run the SETUP.EXE for installing Extra! X-treme.

2. When prompted for the User Data Location, select User Defined Directory and then click Next. (For more information on these options, see also Understanding the User Data Location in KB 7021889.)

3. On the User Data Destination Folder screen, click Browse.
    The Extra! specific variable called USERID should be entered in the path string as shown below.

            For Windows 7 and later versions of Windows with Extra! 9.3 and earlier enter:

            For Windows 7 and later versions of Windows with Extra! 9.4 and later enter:
                    c:\Users\USERID\Documents\Micro Focus\

    and click OK, and then click Next.

Note the following:
    The USERID parameter needs to be all upper case.
    At Extra!’s runtime the USERID parameter will be resolved to the currently logged-in user.

    The files located at
          c:\Program Files\Attachmate\Extra!\macros | schemes | sessions\ENU
          c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Extra!\macros | schemes | sessions\ENU
    will be copied to the user’s personal folders location the first time Extra! is run for that particular user.