IBM 3270 printer emulation job is forced to landscape orientation instead of portrait mode

  • 7024217
  • 28-Oct-2019
  • 30-Oct-2019


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, and for IBM) 16.0 or higher


When sending a 132-column or other wide output IBM 3270 printer emulation job, the print job is forced into landscape orientation instead of portrait mode.


A Reflection Desktop IBM printer emulation session will automatically attempt to choose the appropraite print orientation, based on the data as it arrives from the host.  If the host page is narrower than it is tall, portrait orientation is implied.  If the host page is wider than it is tall, landscape orientation is implied.

There may be cases where this logic does not result in a print job that is appropriate for the output.  For example some print jobs of 132 columns per line and 66 lines per page may look better when printed in a smaller font and in portrait verses landscape mode.

To force the Reflection Desktop printer session to print in Portrait Mode, from the printer session:

1. Select FILE then Print Setup...
   Set for HP Printer using PCL6 printer driver
   Use the HP Universal Printer Driver pointing to a specific HP printer

2. Select FILE then Page Setup...
   Set for Portrait Mode

3. Select FILE then Page Setup...

4. Choose Page Options...
   Set Characters per Line = 132
   Set Lines per Page = 66

5. Select Page Scaling...
   Set "Use scaling factors for reduction or expansion"