Error on WebAccess installation - scriptlet failed

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  • 24-Oct-2019
  • 24-Oct-2019


GroupWise 18.2


When installing GroupWise WebAccess you might observe the following error on the server console during the installation routine:

"warning: %postun(grpwise-tomcat-9.0.24-1.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1"

The actual installation completes and WebAccess is fully functional.


This is a benign (harmless) warning.


When you upgrade a WebAccess build that has Tomcat 9.0.24 upgrading to 9.0.26, at towards the end of the "uninstall" of 9.0.24, the script tries to invoke the system command "service" to conditionally restart Tomcat. For some reason, that service command is throwing an error. We have seen a few times in the past where Tomcat takes longer to shutdown and the install does not wait perpetually before moving on with the remaining installation.