iPrint performance is extremely slow or non-functioning

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  • 23-Oct-2019
  • 13-Jul-2020


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.x
Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 4.x
Open Enterprise Server with iPrint 2015 SP1
Open Enterprise Server with iPrint 2018 SP1


  • The Print Manager is running
    • The following terminal command shows ipsmd is running:
      • ps -ef | grep ipsmd
  • Apache thread count is high
    • The following command shows an Apache thread count over 20
      • pgrep httpd | wc -l
  • The /var/opt/novell/iprint/<print manager name and context>.psm/ndpsmmon.log shows lots of "object not found" and "object deleted" messages.
  • /psmstatus page is very slow or non-responsive
    • Going to and navigating within https://<IP or DNS>/psmstatus is extremely slow or non-responsive
  • Managing iPrint via iManager is either extremely slow or non-responsive
  • Workstation slowness or hang
    • Listing printers within Devices and Printers is extremely slow or non-responsive
    • Loading Windows Applications is slow
      • Some applications (such as Microsoft Office) query printers for status when loading. If this problem is present, the application won't load until the printer status is found or times out.
    • Printing is slow or non-working


Increase Apache Time Out and MaxClient Values:
  • Edit the following lines in the /etc/apache2/server-tuning.conf
    • from
      • MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
      • KeepAliveTimeout 15
      • MaxClients 150
      • ServerLimit 150
    • to
      • MaxKeepAliveRequests 300
      • KeepAliveTimeout 5
      • MaxClients 300
      • ServerLimit 300
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart Apache (rcapache2 restart)


Micro Focus has identify three problems which contribute to the symptoms listed in this document: "object not found", "object deleted", and ipsmd inefficiency

Additional Information

There are two types of messages within the ndpsmmon.log file that are applicable this problem: "object not found" and "object deleted".

"object deleted":
When an administrator goes into iManager and deletes an iPrint printer, a record is recorded into the Print Manager database that that printer is DELETED.  It is added to the Deleted Printer list.  You can see that deleted list in two places.  One is within the padbtxt.xml.  Here is an example of a deleted printer:

You can also view the deleted list of printers within iManager: iManager -> iPrint -> Manage Print Manager -> Printer Agent Redirection -> Deleted Printer Agent Redirection

If a printer exists in the deleted list, and the printer is installed on the workstation, AND the iPrint Client is version 6.11 or later on Windows or Mac, then the iPrint printer will automatically be removed from the workstation as the Print Manager will send an "object deleted" message.  It is important that these printers are auto removed from workstations.  If they are not, then the Windows Print Spooler or Mac CUPS printing system will aggressively query the Print Manager for status, causing an overload to ipsmd and apache.

There was a bug in older versions of the iPrint Client for Mac and Windows which ignored the "object deleted" reply from the print manager.  This results in some or many workstations excessively query the print manager (through Apache) for printer status. The recommendation is to upgrade iPrint Client versions to 6.11 or later for both Windows and Mac.

"object not found":
If the printer is not in the deleted list, and is not in the active list of printers, then the message returned to workstations is an "object not found" message.  In this case, the printer is not auto removed from the workstation. There are only a few reasons a printer would be installed on a workstation but not exist in either the print manager's active or deleted lists.  But, this scenario can happen.  The updated novell-iprint-server RPM which can be requested from Micro Focus support introduces a new switch which will instruct clients (if they are version 6.11 or later) to auto remove the iPrint printer from the workstation in the "object not found" scenario. This will clean up printers from workstations and reduce the number of queries sent to the Print Manager and Apache.

ipsmd inefficiency:
Micro Focus support has received multiple reports of this problem.  Micro Focus support has been able to provide workaround relief by loading the print manager database with no printer drivers associated to printers.  This allows organizations to print without delays.  All the above symptoms go away, however, this workaround introduces a limitation: Users cannot install printers to workstations if the printer driver is not associated. The iPrint development team is investigating the difference in ipsmd and apache load when printer drivers are assigned and when they are not assigned.