GroupWise Messenger Module Installation

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  • 02-Oct-2019
  • 27-Feb-2020


Retain Unified Archiving 4.8+


GroupWise Messenger archiving is included in Enterprise Messaging, but we're unable to download a license to configure it.


1. Go to
2. Select Retain 4 for GroupWise.
3. Enter in Validation Key
4. Go through the rest of the page and download the .pem file
5. Go to Retain Server Interface and into License
6. Remove the old GroupWise module license
7. Upload the new one.
The next step is to add in new RESTAPI licenses that will be required so that Retain can successfully connect to Messenger and archive.
1. Download these files:

(Do not worry about extracting them. Keep them in their zip file.)
2. On the Retain Server Linux box go to where you are storing your data. There will be a license directory. In that directory go to restapi directory.
3. rename the file (base.old)
4. Go to Retain Server Interface - Server Configuration | RestAPI
5. At the bottom to Submit a license click on Choose file and upload both of the zip files you downloaded. Click Submit for each one.
6. Restart tomcat.
Check to make sure that you can get into the Server and go to the RestAPI Page. One of the Applications should say GW Messenger Development License. Everything else should be green.
If you have any problems revert the base.old license back to what it was before, remove the and restart tomcat.
1. Click on Module Configuration and then GW Messenger. If the license works, then you will be able to see the core settings. Give it a name and save changes. This will add the module to Retain.
2. Go to Server Configuration | RestAPI and at the bottom of that page create a Rest Collector. Give it any name you want, and click on Add Collector
3. Click on Export. Open up the file you exported. This will show you all of the information you need to connect GroupWise Messenger to Retain
4. Go into your GroupWise Administration and into your Messenger Archive. Enter in the REST key, secret, Tenant ID, and Retain Server Address (or host name) and the port (should be port 48080).
Here is the official documentation on installing: