Using on a Command-Line Linux System Takes a Long Time to Finish

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  • 01-Oct-2019
  • 11-Nov-2019


Verastream Host Integrator 7.7 and higher
Command-Line Linux only install


After installing VHI 7.7 attempts to deploy a VHI model using via a Command-Line UNIX OS takes approximately one hour.  The same VHI model and steps take less than 30 seconds when deployed via VHI 7.6.


The random number generator used by Java needs to be changed from "/dev/random" to "/dev/urandom" or a hardware random number generator needs to be used.

1.    Stop VHI  (e.g. “/opt/microfocus/verastream/hostingetrator/bin/astart -stop mgmtserver”)

2.    Open the JRE’s “” (default location “/opt/microfocus/verastream/jre/jdk-ver/jre/lib/security/”) file in an editor

3.    Find the line “securerandom.source=file:/dev/random”

4.    Change “random” to “urandom”

5.    The line should now look like “securerandom.source=file:/dev/urandom”

6.    Save the file

7.    Start VHI (e.g. “/opt/microfocus/verastream/hostingetrator/bin/astart -start mgmtserver”)

8.    Attempt to activate the model again


The issue is with the "/dev/random" number generator on command-line Linux operating systems.  There is not enough entropy for the encryption mechanism and the random number generator blocks.  If the "/dev/urandom", a non-blocking random number generator, is configured in the "" the delay does not occur.


Reported to Engineering