Error saving driver store information. An OES Linux server must be selected.

  • 7024152
  • 01-Oct-2019
  • 29-Apr-2020


OES 2015 SP 1
OES 2018 SP 1


When trying to move a driver store within iManager to a new server, an error is displayed:

Error saving driver store information . An OES Linux server must be selected


Fixed in OES 2018 SP1 April 2020 patch (update 7)

Within iManager, go to iPrint -> Create Driver Store -> Create a Driver Store to the new target server.  You will be prompted to accept the certificate.  Accept the certificate.  Now that the certificate has been accepted, again go through the steps to move the Driver Store.


A problem with the iManager plug in. When accessing iPrint object for the first time, a certificate prompt is presented to accept the server certificate.  However, in the situation of a Driver Store move, that prompt is not presented.  Instead, the above error is presented.