How to import GPA Powershell CMDs

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  • 30-Sep-2019
  • 30-Sep-2019


Group Policy Administrator 6.9.x

Group Policy Administrator 6.8.x


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator includes a Powershell Command  Line interface. Various GPA operations can be performed using this interface. Prior to using the GPA PS CMDS, you will need to import the module into Windows Powershell.


While logged on locally to the GPA Console, run a Windows Powershell session as Administrator. Once inside of Windows Powershell, run the following CMD:

Import-Module "C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\Group Policy Administrator\Bin\NetIQ.GPA.PowerShellExtensions.dll"

Additional Information

The NetIQ.GPA.PowerShellExtensions.dll resides within the GPA Console Program files location. Prior to installing the GPA Powershell module, you will need to validate the path.

Additional details on the GPA features available within powershell can be found within the GPA Admin Guide. Our product guides can be found under