Incorrect search results for Filr locations

  • 7024129
  • 19-Sep-2019
  • 19-Sep-2019


Filr 4.0
Filr 3.0


When searching for files using the Windows Explorer search function, incorrect search results are returned.
When searching for files using the Web Client (port 8443), the correct search results are seen.


Enable Windows indexing for Filr locations.

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Click on "Indexing Options"
  3. In "Indexing Options", ensure that the Filr folder is listed in "Included Locations"

If it is not included:

  1. Click on the "Modify" button
  2. Change the selected locations to include the Filr folder

If it is included, but search results are still incorrect:

  1. Click on the "Advanced" button
  2. Click on the "Rebuild" button and wait until indexing completes


When searching using the Web Client, Filr controls the search results, but when searching using the Filr Desktop Application, Windows search controls the search results. If the Filr folder is not included in the search index, or if the index is corrupt (and needs to be reindexed), search results can be incorrect.