Rexec module offline, NPUM driver is not initialized, Failed to load module rexec: Unknown error

  • 7024121
  • 17-Sep-2019
  • 19-Sep-2019


Privileged Account Manager


Rexec package status is offline and session audits are not being captured.
Agent's unifid.log reports the following:
Error, init_audit line: xxxx rv=720006:The handle is invalid.
Error, NPUM driver is not initialized. Try restarting NPUM service or system restart.
Error, Failed to load module rexec: Unknown error


The following causes have been found for this particular error found in the PAM Agent:

TID 7024120 - Windows Server with secure boot enabled fails to load rexec module (nvlaudry.sys)
TID 7022120 - Rexec package offline after updating to on Windows 2008 R2 (OS updates)