eDirectory does not load: Error -6020 ERR BAD RFL SERIAL NUM

  • 7024099
  • 30-Aug-2019
  • 30-Aug-2019


eDirectory 9.1


On startup eDirectory reported a -618 error.  A ndsrepair with the rebuild option was run (ndsrepair –R –l yes –i no –t no –r no –v no). 

Afterwards the -618 on startup remained but another error was seen as well: -6020 ERR BAD RFL SERIAL NUM.  The customer attempted to load NDSD so that the RFL would be ignored (NDSD_IGNORE_RFL=Y) but this did not resolve the issue.


A custom RFL location was being used instead of the default one.  The default location held the newly rebuilt RFL files.  Therefore, the _ndsdb.ini file was modified so any references to the old RFL directory were removed.

Upon restart, NDSD loads without errors.