Windows App hangs with non-reachable default iPrint printer

  • 7024095
  • 28-Aug-2019
  • 01-Apr-2020


Micro Focus iPrint Client version 6.16, 6.17, or 6.18


Windows Applications, such as Microsoft Office applications hang when clicking File -> Print when the following conditions are met:
  • iPrint client version 6.16, 6.17, or 6.18 is installed
  • iPrint printer set as the default printer
  • The iPrint printer is not reachable
  • The workstation cannot ping the DNS which the Print Manager is hosted on
The hang lasts for several minutes.


Install the 6.20 iPrint Client or later.  The updated iPrint clients can be obtained by upgrading the iPrint server (OES or Appliance) through the OES update channel or iPrint Appliance Online Update channel.

Workaround 1: iPrint Direct
Change the iPrint printer to iPrint Direct.  See TID 7001343 to learn how to do that and to learn the Pros and Cons of the iPrint Direct feature.

Workaround 2: Install an older iPrint client version
Testing results show that the 6.11 iPrint client will hang for less than 10 seconds in the above described scenario.