Blank dialog box during Reflection Desktop installation using Setup.exe

  • 7024093
  • 28-Aug-2019
  • 28-Aug-2019


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for X, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.2 or higher
InfoConnect Desktop (including Pro, Unisys, and Airlines) 16.2 or higher


A blank Windows dialog box can appear during a Reflection Desktop 16 (or Infoconnect Desktop) installation when using SETUP.EXE.


The blank Windows dialog box which appears early in the installation process is an indication that the Microsoft Windows .NET installer has detected problems when using the SETUP.EXE application.

To determine the exact problem, run the .NET install program manually from the \Prerequisites\DotNet471 folder in the Reflection Desktop installation directory.  The .NET install program will display a dialog with an exact message as to why the installation failed.  An example of this blank dialog box will occur on Microsoft Windows 2008 R1 Server, which does not support and will not install .NET 4.7.1 or earlier.  This error can also occur with some early versions of Microsoft Windows 10 which also do not support the newest versions of .NET.