OES2018 SP1 - Commvault backup slowness

  • 7024083
  • 22-Aug-2019
  • 01-Oct-2019


Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux
Support Pack 1


Using Commvault to do backups on OES2018 SP1 would work normally for the first backup job, however subsequent backup jobs would get bogged down in the scanning phase and would take exponentially longer than expected to complete.

A restart of smdr would usually allow one job to complete normally again, and then all subsequent jobs would get bogged down.


A fix to the SMS code has been made and testing has been positive.
This fix should be released soon.
There is a PTF available from support until such time as the fix is released generally.
That PTF was built for OES2018 SP1 Update 1 or Update 2.
Any OES2018SP1 server with this issue will need to be updated to that level before applying the PTF.


The OES2018 SP1 SMS code was ported over to 64 bit.
This was the first release of it publicly.
This issue was found by our customers who use Commvault for their backups.
The root cause in the build process of that 64 bit ported code was identified and addressed.