RRSD driver fails to process change on dynamic group: error -613 ERR_SYNTAX_VIOLATION

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  • 19-Aug-2019
  • 19-Aug-2019


Identity Manager 4.7


After the dynamic group calculation, the Roles and Resource driver detects that there are new members to be added to the groups, but these members don't get the associated roles attached to them.

The trace shows the message that the group membership is being evaluated:
[08/12/19 13:00:16.503]:RRSD ST:: Recalculating group roles for identity: O=Acme\OU=Users\OU=Active\CN=testUser

And then the error:
    <status event-id="Acme-ik-idm19#20190812110016#9#1:0daa802d-19af-46ad-89f4-2d80ff0ddf19" level="error">Error while resynchronizing  group roles for the Identity
                Identity: O=Acme\OU=Users\OU=Active\CN=testUser
                Reason: novell.jclient.JCException: initVlistIterator -613 ERR_SYNTAX_VIOLATION</status>


In order to avoid this problem, make sure that the Engine Control Value  called "Qualified form for DN-syntax attribute values" is set to True for the Roles and Resource Driver on the server where it is running.