Broken Client UI settings after upgrade from 4.7.0 to

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  • 13-Aug-2019
  • 13-Aug-2019


Identity Manager 4.7


After upgrading to IDM 4.7 and patching up the system to, after logging in to the Enhanced UI (idmdash), you noticed that the the menu bar has placeholders but not the actual labels.

Expanding the menu options doesn't show the proper options, but tags instead. For example, "Roles and Resources" is displayed as "roles-and-resources".

The Applications tab shows only a few options and not all options that should be available.


This problem is specific to the patch and an incorrect version of the IDMdb.jar that ships with it. The IDMdb.jar file contains information about how the database should be configured for the Identity Apps and this version of the jar file contains in an incomplete definition that causes all these problems.

Patching the system to 4.7.2 or later should fix the problem. If it doesn't, please contact Technical Services to assist you with any necessary additional steps.